Did not eat

I’ve always been curious about turtle soup.

“As far as finding Turtle Meat in your area, you may have a bit of a challenge,” says the fine author at nolacuisine.com.

Turtles are said to contain about 7 different flavors of meat, so it would be very easy to slip a more inexpensive meat in with the Turtle, I’ve even heard of some places slipping in some Alligator. I always raise an eyebrow when the “Turtle Meat” in some versions is ground, as opposed to cubed, it’s a red flag that says “Probably Not All Turtle Meat Here.”

But last week a ranger told me I’m not supposed to take anything out of Madison’s Arboretum — and my conscience tells me this even implies no stewing on site.

Plus, this little guy, a painted turtle, was just too cute. And rule-abiding: He was crossing the road at a Turtle Crossing sign!

Area turtle avoids predation through sheer cuteness.

Area turtle avoids predation through sheer cuteness.


3 responses to “Did not eat

  1. I have a turtle soup story too! It happened at a Catskill’s “bungalow colony” one summer when I when I was a kid . We spent the summer hunting little orange salamanders then making terrariums for them to live in. We also swam with the fishes and the frogs in a muddy lake from which we would often emerge with leeches on our ankles. Icky, but I learned not to fear them. But there was one inhabitant of the lake who we all feared: an ancient turtle that occasionally stole fish off the hooks of rowboat fishermen and was to us, as legendary as the Loch Ness monster. So one evening we heard cries arising from the direction of the lake:” The turtle! They caught the turtle!” And indeed, they had. So what was to be done with the turtle? Well – “take her to the Frenchwoman who lives up the hill!” Bien sur! She’d know what to do with this huge, moss covered beast, the adults reasoned. And I suppose she did. But we never tasted it.

  2. I aspire to be that Frenchwoman up the hill, especially if she had a lot of cats.

  3. That turtle doesn’t look nearly as happy as you about the situation. I think you made the right decision.


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