More pie in the piehole

Raspberry-rhubarb sour-cream pie.

Raspberry-rhubarb sour-cream pie.

Honestly, I can prepare other foods than pie. I swear I made a lovely … what was it … just this week. I think the sugar has affected my memory. But today I was faced with a big pile of rhubarb from the back yard, and another pile of raspberries I got just for helping out at the UW research garden. So what would baby Jesus do? Assuming he were unemployed like me, he’d surely make a sour-cream pie.

W. sang a happy song while it cooked, its lyrics only atypical for mentioning neither of my cats: “Mister Piehole, bring me a pie / Pie pie pie pie, pie pie pie pie pie.”


2 responses to “More pie in the piehole

  1. W. informs me that I have, as usual, gotten the quote wrong. We regret the error. The real lyrics went like this:

    “Mister Pieman, bring me a pie / Make it the pie-est, that pie pie pie pie / Give it two pies, like pie pie and pie pie,” and so on.

    But I am certain the next line was, “Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie!”

  2. Who is this “W” who sings such happy songs? 😉 Outlandish! “Baby, don’t you cry. Gonna make a pie. Gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle…”

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