Killer tomato jam, and other shout-outs

—such as the apricot pinot grigio preserves, or the peach-saffron. The jam mistress: Lee Davenport of Pamplemousse Preserves. Somehow, this tomato jam pushes the comfort-ketchup button while tasting entirely new. The high-schoolers working at the new Ironworks Cafe in the Goodman Community Center will smear it on your sandwich, if your lucky star is shining. Davenport’s jam-making copper pots hang there. I’m hoping to make her taste my neophyte’s thimbleberry preserves and see if she’ll throw me a few tips.

Davenport is also a forager who tells me she has a mental map of the aronia trees in downtown Madison. Which reminds me: Why did they have to rename the chokeberry? It was more exciting to forage something that sounded like it would kill you.


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