The Forager Traipses: Help me forage in far-off lands

bee-sting betty

Thanks to my dear friends in Oakland for housing her. You know who you are.

All raise a great cry of pity for my poor darling, Bee-Sting Betty, a 1997 Honda Shadow, who has been locked in an Oakland warehouse for the last two years. With a helpful ultimatum from the dear friend whose space it is, I booked a flight to the Bay Area — ostensibly to sell the bike, but probably, and dishearteningly, just to move it to storage and deal another day. But what I really want is to have it back.

On an impulse, I spent yesterday at the DMV. Now I’ve got my motorcycle license back; I’ve got plates; and I’ve got a new plan. Go West. Drive Bee-Sting Betty home to Madison. Avoid snow. Forage along the way.

Now, a cry for help.

Because what is the point of a road trip if not to find great pie/carne asada/barbeque/diners/salads? Where can I go mushroom-hunting in New Mexico? Or find the best octopus taco in southern California? Where are the best places to sleep in Oklahoma, a state I have never even thought about once? And what, seasoned travelers, must I absolutely bring with me, aside from underpants, leathers and a headlamp? I have a limited grasp of geography, and an even more limited ability to plan ahead. So—help.

Check out “Bee-Sting Betty and her November Routes,” the Google map of my route in its current form.

Start from SF: Nov 3, or as soon as I can get my bike cleaned up, tuned up and insured.

Mandatory stops so far are few:
• Modesto
• Los Angeles
• St. Louis

Suggestions, comments, portents of November-flurry doom? Email my gmail address: Kate dot golden. Now, God help me, I have to pack. Missives, dear readers, will be sparse these next couple of weeks, but I’ll try to keep you updated.


2 responses to “The Forager Traipses: Help me forage in far-off lands

  1. Hey Kate — Robert says you’re welcome to use his motorcycle repair equipment. We’ve got stuff in our garage in the Mission. Hugs!

  2. If you happen to take a southern route that would go through Tucson, you’d find a friend in Adrian’s little sister, Bianca, and her husband Matt Marcus. She has great things to say abut Tucson and any friend of Adrians….

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