Thanksgiving: Mushroom stuffing, naturally

Happy T-Day, everyone. I’m thankful for a lot of things. Number one is health, at least enough of it to go pick some oyster mushrooms yesterday in my parents’ part of the Midwest. A corollary is that I’m thankful this year not to have eaten, despite the dangerous combination of adventurous spirit + paltry knowledge, the wrong mushroom. Yet. A secondary corollary is that I’m thankful the maggots aren’t up to eating the oysters in this kind of weather.

Number two, family. They made the leap of faith last night to eat those mushrooms, even if it scared them. Nobody even mentioned it last night. Or did you know Mom put them in? Well, now you do. And see? You’re fine, right?

Number three, I am thankful for the power of digestion to erase, more or less, all that turkey. Oh god yes.


One response to “Thanksgiving: Mushroom stuffing, naturally

  1. Glad you enjoyed, and glad you survived.
    En mi casa, we invented Tequila Gravy. Olé!!!

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