How to eat our way out of this mess, or gefilte fish as ecological warfare

From the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in La Crosse, WI: Asian carp caught accidentally. Fat and ugly, is what this fish says to me. But delicious?

New product alert: Asian carp. AP reports today, a week after my local paper the Capital Times, that some Louisiana companies are planning to put “silverfin” on the market, with the state’s blessing.

This is the same guy who tried to sell us on nutrias. AP writes:

The campaign for silverfin is “dramatically different,” he said, because the fish doesn’t resemble an overgrown rat.


As for the fish’s taste, Parola said that it’s a cross between scallops and crab meat.

Theoretically, I’m all for eating the invasive species before they get to Lake Michigan. In general I’m for eating-based solutions. And considering how many fisheries humans have successfully overfished already, I think we’re experienced enough to take on a bigger challenge.

But I should mention that carp is the main ingredient in gefilte fish (sample recipe), which, for you goyim out there, are Jewish fish cakes. I think if the nationwide market for gefilte fish had potential, it would have taken off already. Unlike most fish recipes, gefilte fish calls for boiling the fish cakes for a couple of hours. I always thought this was to eliminate any possible carp flavor.

Personally, I find the flavor of scallops and crab to be very, very far from that of gefilte fish.

Jessica Vanegeren in the Capital Times floated another idea: carp caviar. These fish are major breeders. They make tons of eggs, and they’re spawning three times a year. “Unfortunately, there is no market for carp caviar,” Vanegeren writes.

In fact, I was just bemoaning my inability to stick to Buy Local when it comes to the subject of tobiko, the little flying-fish eggs. And it seems the carp will jump into the boat, which sounds like pretty easy fishing. (You don’t even need grenades.) So—gefilte fish aside—how can I try some Midwest caviar?


One response to “How to eat our way out of this mess, or gefilte fish as ecological warfare

  1. We should add carp to the menu of Madison’s Annual Weed Feed.

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