The sap is flowing!

The sun came out and warmed everything up, meaning I had a lot more becell-phoned people to bike around after months of auto-pilot on Madison’s bike paths. On the plus side, the maple syrup experiment is off to a promising start. W. reports the buckets are already sloshing.

Drilling holes in trees looks very satisfying, doesn't it?

It’s W.’s project, as you know. He ID’d the trees back when they still had clothes on. And he bought the turkey fryer back in January, which I have not been able to convince him to use on turkeys as well as maple sap. I suspect he has secret vegetarian tendencies. He set it up today; it is a surprisingly complex gadget.

He also got a cordless drill from Wal-Mart this morning.

Does that make us Wal-Mart hippies? (Or bad people?)

W.’s system is simple: Drill hole in tree; insert aquarium tubing, whose other end leads into a bucket. It feels very Little House in the Woods.

I cannot disclose the location or ownership of our trees, though I quote the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association when I say, defensively, “Many trees have been tapped every year for well over a hundred years.”

But I will say we are glad the lid on the buckets fit tightly. Several curious passers-by already attempted to pry it off and peer inside. People! Please! It’s like 40:1, sap:syrup. You’re not going to be sticking your finger in pure maple syrup.


2 responses to “The sap is flowing!

  1. Anonymous Reader A

    Hopefully one visit doesn’t make you People of Wal-Mart.

  2. Kurt Westbrook

    Enjoyed your “Backyard” report on the 6th…
    What a great idea–tapping city trees!
    I ‘worked’ for my syrup, at the MacKenzie E.C. and received several pints for my efforts.
    I had to endure 4-th graders but, no boiling!
    Kurt–a WORT volunteer

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