Monthly Archives: April 2010

Nary a morel, but a consolation prize

Foraging has begun in earnest. Everything popped up so quickly. I now get why everyone is into the rain gardens, or at least have a theory. Those prairie grasses start as gorgeously strange babies peeking out of the dirt, and people fall in love with them and that parental attachment sticks around in August, blinding them to the lanky unkempt weeds their babies have become. Continue reading


The Bane of Spring

Tippler’s Bane, I presume. I may never try it, but I still see it as a welcome harbinger of all the other mushrooms.

Stand by; we have a situation here in Chicken Town.

First of all, I got some chickens a week and a half ago — the Forager has gone agricultural, or at least agricultural-lite. Second of all, aside from having to work, the abovementioned and below-illustrated situation must be dealt with before I can write more for your entertainment. I will mention that Tatiano is a lot easier to catch when he is standing stock-still trying to blend in with the lawn.

Coexistence: a sweet and delicate dream?

Oh the glory: Team Bacon wins the cook-off

The special meat that brought us together and made us winners.

I have long been anti-competitive. I do not run races. I do not play Monopoly.

But I admit a certain thrill at my own Team Bacon — me, Mike Quieto and Julia Kerr — winning the March 26 local “Iron Chef” competition in Madison (also a fundraiser for the Tenant Resource Center‘s fund for people with housing crises). Continue reading