Oh the glory: Team Bacon wins the cook-off

The special meat that brought us together and made us winners.

I have long been anti-competitive. I do not run races. I do not play Monopoly.

But I admit a certain thrill at my own Team Bacon — me, Mike Quieto and Julia Kerr — winning the March 26 local “Iron Chef” competition in Madison (also a fundraiser for the Tenant Resource Center‘s fund for people with housing crises). We cured and smoked the bacon, we fermented sauerkraut, we made little menus explaining where all the meat came from (Jordandal Farms and Willow Creek, mostly.)

So a little gloating is in order, which I will do via pictures of food. See below. In a rare display of delicacy, I have omitted the sausage-grinding video.

To be honest, the other chef in the bacon matchup didn’t show up, so we won that one handily. But we also won Best In Show, which saying that makes me feel a little like a fancy puppy. The local writeup was very nice; in a conflict of interest that I heartily support, the writer was a judge.

One of my teammates, Alderchef Julia Kerr, told me she herself was so competitive by nature that if hearts had to be eaten to win, she would eat them. I was glad she was on my team, frankly. Although not just for that reason; she has a certain zest for logistics, honed by motherhood and political involvement, that was indispensable. I concentrated on the baking, while Mike was our resident pickling expert re: sauerkraut and burdock. Burdock: I don’t know what it is, but it makes a delicious pickle.


3 responses to “Oh the glory: Team Bacon wins the cook-off

  1. Great post, Kate! I spoke with Pecatonica and Jordandal on Saturda at the market and the were thrilled by our win and the free publicity our menu got them in Ithsmus.

  2. You are a very fancy puppy indeed!! Great post!

  3. I’m hungry.

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