The mosquito of vegetables

I cannot understand what people see in celery. To me it provokes the urge — never indulged yet — to lie at a restaurant and claim I am allergic. I can taste it in cheap curry powder; it ruins otherwise fine chicken broth. Another thing I kvetch about is the paltry pickings in my CSA box. But now they finally fill the 5/9-bushel box, and with what? An entire celery bush the size of the Eiffel Celery Tower.

I do know someones who will take this off my hands, though.

She also nibbles on the plastic-and-duct-tape window cover every chance she gets. I haven't known someone this omnivorous since college.


2 responses to “The mosquito of vegetables

  1. Terrific rant. Are you sensitive to other bitter tastes? i.e. Is your hatred simply attributable to PTC sensitivity?

    • Let’s not blame my genes or buds here, Andy; sensitive or not, who knows, but they’re perfectly welcoming of Campari, and I was just thinking of heading up to Nelsen’s on Washington Island to join the Bitters Club. The fault is in the vegetable.

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